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At the helm of Krus Tax Law is knowledgeable tax attorney Michael Krus, Esq., CPA. As a former Assistant Attorney General with 20+ years of experience in tax-related legal matters, Michael is here to provide a helping hand whether you’re facing the Florida Department of Revenue or the IRS. What sets Krus Tax Law apart from other tax lawyers in Orlando is Michael’s dual background as a tax attorney and CPA. From complex financial issues to understanding federal and state tax laws, Krus Tax Law is here for all your filing, representation, and tax planning needs.

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Understanding the complexities of federal and Florida taxes can be challenging, but with an experienced tax professional on your side, navigating tax returns, audits, and more is easier than ever. At Krus Tax Law, we’re honored to serve individuals and small business owners throughout Winter Springs and the surrounding Central Florida region with CPA and tax attorney services. Whether you need assistance understanding small business tax credits or filing back taxes, you can count on us to provide the trusted tax services you need. Call us at (407) 488-2801 to schedule a free consultation.

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Our Tax Services

Because Krus Tax Law operates as a CPA and tax attorney, we offer a broad range of standard and legal tax services in Central Florida.

  • Small Business Taxes

  • Unpaid Taxes

  • IRS Audits

  • Personal Income Taxes

  • Tax Planning

  • Installment Agreements

  • Tax Law Representation

  • And Much More

We understand that dealing with the Florida Department of Revenue and IRS can be stressful and complicated, but it’s our goal to help individuals and small businesses alike navigate their tax situations. We’re familiar with both the financial and legal aspects of handling taxes, making us a reliable go-to resource for all tax-related matters. Call now to discuss your needs.

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Why Choose Krus Tax Law?

There are countless tax law firms in Orlando, so why should you choose Krus Tax Law? We’re dually qualified in helping individuals and small business owners manage their taxes. As tax attorneys, we can provide quality legal representation in tax law matters. As CPAs, we know the ins and outs of handling tax-related finances. Whether you need legal defense against an IRS audit or want to negotiate an IRS installment agreement, you can turn to Krus Tax Law. We have an eye for detail and remain committed to all of our clients, ensuring stress-free tax solutions at the state and federal levels.

CPA vs. Tax Attorney

Not sure whether you need a CPA or tax attorney? At Krus Tax Law, we provide services to Florida taxpayers as both — but you should know the difference between the two. A CPA is a certified public accountant who can assist with tax preparation, navigating various tax situations, and strategic tax planning. A tax attorney, on the other hand, specializes in tax law and can help with tax problems and provide representation against the IRS. Because we at Krus Tax Law work as tax attorneys and CPAs, we’re qualified to help taxpayers with all aspects of their personal and small business taxes.

Get the Tax Help You Need

Are you being audited by the IRS? Do you have to file back taxes? Are you struggling to understand your small business tax credits? Krus Tax Law is here for you, no matter which type of tax matters you’re facing. We provide our services to individuals and small businesses throughout Winter Springs and nearby Central Florida communities, so contact us today to get the tax help you need.

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