Orlando Sales Tax Crimes

What You Need To Know

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Sales Tax Crimes

The proper payment of sales tax is required in Florida and in all other states throughout the country. An allegation that you have not been compliant with sales tax laws can lead to criminal consequences. This is why it is important to retain an experienced Florida sales tax attorney immediately. If you have already received community from an investigator working for the Florida Department of Revenue, it is strongly recommended that you avoid talking to this person.

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Supporting Criminal Charges For Sales Tax Crimes

Their goal is to find enough information to support a criminal prosecution through a state’s attorney. If an investigator is already involved with the DOR case, then the state may already hold some evidence that you could be guilty of a crime.

There are serious penalties for tax fraud and tax evasion in the state of Florida and you could be looking at felony allegations, years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you ultimately are convicted of a sales tax crime, the penalties can be severe. A Florida sales tax attorney can assist you with developing a prompt defense. Sales tax fraud could include:

  • Failure to pay taxes owed
  • Failing to file taxes
  • Submitting inaccurate or fraudulent records
  • Making false claims on sales tax returns
  • Failing to report exempt and gross sales
  • Falsifying records to avoid tax responsibilities
  • Helping someone else in assisting fraudulent tax records

Underreported Sales Tax

If the Florida Department of Revenue has evidence that your business has purposely underreported sales tax or failed to remit it, then an investigator may suggest criminal prosecution. Your own words could be later used against you and it is strongly recommended that you gather your evidence and consult directly with a sales tax crime attorney.

Fast action can help you even if you suspect you are just under investigation for sales tax violations. Stopping the criminal investigation as soon as possible may be the primary goal of your Florida sales tax attorney and this can help you avoid critical consequences that could shape the rest of your life. A knowledgeable attorney is a crucial asset when you need to move forward with protection against allegations of a sales tax crime.

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