Obtaining A Tax Settlement

What You Need To Know

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Tax Settlements

Only a Florida tax attorney will have dedicated experience in obtaining tax settlements. While a CPA could be aware of certain tax settlement options, they do not have a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of the relevant programs as well as the importance of the details in applying for these. Tax codes and laws are extremely complex and can change on an annual basis. There are many different programs available to taxpayers in challenging situations to get back on track and to come back into compliance without having to pay all of the necessary penalties typically assessed by the IRS. Consulting with an attorney will give you a greater sense of confidence about the management of your case and peace of mind. Contact us today for assistance.

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Attorney For Florida Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns, it’s tempting to want to ignore this situation and to assume that you’ll be fine if you can just buy some more time. Unfortunately, unfiled tax returns in Florida or anywhere else across the country can lead to serious consequences if you allow the IRS to take action based on the details they already have. It is highly likely that any information they have obtained doesn’t present the full picture and this can put you at risk for serious consequences. If you have received notice of unfiled taxes, you need to take action quickly by hiring and experienced Tax Attorney.

IRS Payment Plans

You need someone to help you become current with your delinquent or unfiled tax returns and back taxes, to work out an IRS settlement, or IRS payment plans. Many taxpayers don’t file their tax returns since they are concerned about having the money to pay their taxes. This can turn what is initially a civil tax collection problem into a criminal tax investigation.

Other taxpayers don’t fix the situation because they have failed to retain their records and receipts or have lost them. This is a major mistake. This is because the IRS enables taxpayers to file estimated tax returns. This is a report about what the taxpayer believes they earned and spent over the course of a tax year. Not having receipts or records is not a compelling defense when you’re facing a charge of failure to file a tax return.

Civil Penalties For Unfiled Taxes

You have to estimate your expenses and income and file, and an experience Florida unfiled tax returns lawyer can help you when you have been accused of this. The IRS may be unforgiving if you do not take prompt action by hiring a Florida unfiled taxes attorney. This can lead to civil penalties for failing to file which could be assessed on a monthly basis or criminal charges for tax evasion. These allegations can include serious criminal penalties and time in jail. Furthermore, you are at a minimum looking at interest and penalties on unpaid and back taxes. Penalties are usually higher for any taxpayer who fails to file a return versus an individual who filed and failed to pay the back taxes owed.

Any taxpayer in this situation needs the experienced services of a Florida tax lawyer. Your goal of your attorney should be to bring you in compliance with U.S. tax laws while ensuring that you pay the lowest amount of tax required to pay. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling issues associated with an unfiled tax return. The IRS will file the tax return on your behalf if you do not file one, which can lead to serious consequences.

Unfiled Tax Returns Resulting In Collections, Levies Or Liens

Other information from your W2s and 1099s may be used to create this tax return but this will not evaluate your credits, expenses, or deductions. Furthermore, other adverse consequences associated with allowing the IRS to file your return include collections against you placing levies or liens on your property, assessing a tax due equal to the overstated tax liability, and overstating your real estate tax liability. Taxes due from a substitute for return cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, making it all the more important to hire a knowledgeable attorney today. Contact us for help now.