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What You Need To Know

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Tax Evasion

If you are currently under investigation or have already been charged with tax evasion, your willingness to take action quickly to protect yourself is extremely important to combat these severe and life-changing charges. There is a very fine line between tax avoidance and tax evasion but the consequences associated with each are extremely different.

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Avoiding To Pay Your Taxes

Tax avoidance is in many ways legal and is often the purpose of tax planning. Tax evasion as well as allegations of tax fraud however, can lead to criminal implications linked to years in prison and heavy fines. If you discover an error on your business of individual tax return or are currently under IRS investigation for alleged tax evasion, you need professional and confidential assistance from a knowledgeable Florida tax lawyer immediately.

Misrepresented Financial Status

Purposely misrepresenting the financial status of the business or an individual by declaring less income than earned, overstating deductions, or omitting sources of income altogether is classified as tax evasion. Other types of criminal tax evasion claims can emerge as a result of commingling personal and business expenses, creating tax-exempt legal entities, and misrepresenting your county of residence. Other tax-related crimes for which you may wish to hire a Florida tax attorney to include tax fraud, failing to file your return, and filing a false return.

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