Tax Planning

What You Need To Know

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Facing Tax Issues?

Michael Krus is both an attorney practicing tax law and a licensed CPA. You have the best of both worlds and can rest easy knowing that your tax planning can be legally sound and effectively executed with a CPA Tax Law Attorney.

Tax Law Knowledge Makes A Difference

Although it is still beneficial to retain a tax law attorney when you find yourself in this position, it is even more valuable to have a knowledgeable attorney working at your side from the moment that you found your business or identify that you need a long-term plan. You need a Florida tax attorney with unrivaled legal representation who will give your assistance with a broad range of issues and who is also a licensed CPA. You should never have to deal with the State Department of Revenue or the IRS on your own. And in fact, doing so can expose you to serious problems.

When you are struggling with a tax issue that is currently pending with the State Department of Revenue or the IRS, you will need a lawyer in your corner who is familiar with the complicated tax issues and codes and what he or she can do to assist you. A licensed tax attorney will have helped many other clients in similar situations before, whether you are currently attempting to manage an ongoing issue or whether you intend to put a plan in place to avoid tax problems in the future. Bear in mind that personal service from a qualified tax and IRS attorney can give you practical and real help in the time you need it most.

Covering All Of Your Tax Bases

Remember that the IRS has numerous tools in their arsenal when they believe that you owe taxes including levying bank accounts, garnishing your wages and putting liens on your property. If you have a question regarding a sales tax problem, foreign reporting, a disputed tax return, unfiled taxes, a payroll tax liability matter, Tax Evasion or any other tax concern, you need the services provided by a dedicated and experienced law firm.

Personalized service provided to you directly by an experienced lawyer will give you more peace of mind about the management of your claim with regard to issues in state/federal court, in addition to the U.S. tax court. Unfortunately, many Americans and people living in Florida have issues with back taxes.

Owing taxes to the state authorities or the IRS can be very stressful, but failing to resolve the problem can make the situation even worse. A caring tax attorney can help you to put together an optimal agreement including an offer in compromise or an installment plan to help you with proven strategies. It is a big mistake to simply ignore the problem- you will only make it worse and put yourself at risk for more penalties. Rest assured that if you are struggling with complex tax problems that a lawyer is your most valuable asset when you need to raise claims with the DOR or the IRS.

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The Process Can Be Frustrating

Trying to handle things on your own only serves to make the entire process more frustrating- you may not be able to get ahold of the right person, your paperwork could be lost, and you could make mistakes that end up costing you significantly. The average taxpayer is not comfortable or confident enough to handle these complicated issues and that’s why a lawyer’s insight is so valuable. Hiring the right Florida tax attorney is one of the most important things you will do in your case and it could save you money, time, and frustration.

Fixing things effectively is a typical course of action for a lawyer practicing in this field for years. What your outcome looks like will vary from one case to another, but a lawyer is always beneficial.

A knowledgeable tax attorney will have a complex understanding of how the tax system works and help you to put together the best solution.