Central Florida Tax Liens Attorney

What You Need To Know

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IRS Liens

If you have already received communication from a state or federal government agency that they intend to take action based on your tax situation, you need to speak with an experienced Florida tax lien lawyer immediately. If you do not pay your taxes or neglect to pay them, you owe a government debt.

The government has the opportunity to name a lien against you to reclaim this debt. This protects the government’s interest in your property whether it is your house, your financial assets, or your personal property. You will not be able to sell or refinance a house when a lien exists against the property.

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Florida State Tax Liens

Contacting an experienced Florida tax liens attorney is the only way to figure out the options currently available to you and the sooner you do so the more chances you will have to fix this situation. If the IRS has identified how much is owed in interest, taxes, and any fees and makes you aware of this debt, they are within their rights to establish a tax lien against you. This can have big implications for your financial health and can also make it hard for you to sell the current property or to get new loans or credits. It can also not be discharged in bankruptcy. There are several different options you have available to you when you receive a notice of an IRS lien and these include withdrawals, discharge of property, subordination, or payment of debt in full.

Potential Ramifications of Florida Tax Liens

The right attorney will help you figure out the potential ramifications of the lien as well as engage on your behalf with any state revenue agency or the IRS to figure out what can be done to fix this situation as soon as possible. Do not ignore these notices as the consequences can become more and more serious overtime. Taking action promptly by hiring a knowledgeable attorney is the only way to figure out what is next for you and to minimize the consequences of IRS tax liens and other problems. Most people are overwhelmed by this situation and this is a natural response but protecting yourself with the services of a tax lawyer who handles these kinds of cases on a daily basis is the best way to chart a path moving forward. Contact our office for assistance today.