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IRS Audits

Orlando Area Tax Defense Lawyer For IRS Audits

Learning that you have become the subject of an audit can be an overwhelming and confusing experience and one that should only be handled directly by a Florida lawyer for IRS audits. When you have an attorney who has worked in this field for many years, you will gain confidence in his or her management of your case so that you can move on and ensure you provide proper material to the IRS.

IRS Audit Defense

One of the most feared things for any taxpayer is an IRS audit. A taxpayer could successfully work through an audit so long as he or she properly responds to the issues brought up by the IRS. Most audits are looking for information associated with a small selection of issues. Some of these can be done via correspondence and others are done in person. When you have an experienced Florida IRS audit attorney on your side, you will better understand what you are facing. Audit defense is based on appropriate preparation.

Orlando Based Tax Law

As an Orlando based Tax Attorney, I can review all of the relevant records associated with the tax issues and questions and provide you with information about any additional documentation. This ensures that you feel more confident about the management of an audit. It can be very overwhelming to find out that the IRS wishes to speak with you in your home or in your business office.

For this reason, you can use the services of a Florida IRS lawyer to help you schedule these meetings in another location so that you do not feel as though your private or professional space is being invaded. Furthermore, your lawyer can walk you through all of the necessary stages of an audit so that you feel prepared and are not completely unnerved when the IRS shows up to ask you questions.

Get Help With Your Central Florida Tax Audit Today

Having your materials prepared well in advance and identifying potential problems where you have missing information can give you a better sense of what to do going forward. Your lawyer can also advise you about many of the common missteps engaged in by people who are not familiar with the IRS tactics and who do not know how to proceed appropriately. The right lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case and should, therefore, be retained as soon as possible to protect your best interests. Contact our office today.