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What to Do After You Receive a Notice From the IRS?

Did You Receive An IRS Notice?

Getting any sort of communication from the IRS is a nerve-wracking experience and it might be tempting to simply respond on your own and provide the evidence or further documentation requested by the agency. However, you may be able to benefit from consulting directly with a tax attorney.

What You Need To Know

Before you proceed, the first thing you need to do is identify where the notice came from. You need to check the return address to verify that it is truly from the Internal Revenue Agency and not a scam or from another agency. A notice will have specific instructions about how to respond if it is directly from the IRS.

You can also order a transcript if you need more personalized details about your tax account. If it is from a state tax department or another similar agency, you’ll need to contact that office directly for an explanation. IRS letters and notices are numbered and provide clear contact information for questions.

Review Your Notice Carefully

Each notice will normally provide you the same amount of information such as where to send your reply and by when a reply is needed, why the IRS is making changes to your account and what the IRS has changed on your account or your return. There are a few primary categories for notices including informational notices related to underreporting of the income, a notice that you’re being audited or an incorrect return. Each notice should have contact information directly on it but you may wish to hire a tax attorney specifically to handle your direct issue because it can be very complicated to communicate directly with the IRS.

Speak To An Attorney

You’re more likely to make mistakes and to experience challenges in the communication directly with the IRS. The support of a lawyer can help you significantly when you are dealing with a notice and allow you a prompt and clear reply that properly addresses your major concerns associated with such a notice. Your ability to reply quickly and to provide the appropriate documentation can help minimize your anxiety about the future.