Orlando Offers In Compromise

Orlando Offers In Compromise

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At Krus Tax Law in Orlando, FL, we offer a specialized tax accountant service known as Offers In Compromise (OIC) to help individuals and small businesses effectively resolve tax issues with the IRS. Michael Krus is a skilled certified public accountant and tax attorney dedicated to helping you get your finances back on track and eliminate tax-related debt. Contact him today to learn more!


What is Offers In Compromise?

An Offer In Compromise is a settlement option available in conjunction with the IRS that allows taxpayers to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount owed. This program is designed for Orlando individuals and businesses who are unable to pay their full tax liability or for those who would experience significant financial hardship by doing so. Krus Tax Law is well-versed in the intricacies of the OIC process and can guide you through each step with precision and expertise.


OIC Qualifications & Process Overview

Anyone struggling to pay their tax debt in full or facing significant financial hardship can be a potential candidate for an Offer In Compromise. Krus Tax Law will assess your financial situation, prepare and submit the necessary documentation, and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to secure the best possible outcome in the OIC process.


Benefits of Our Tax Lawyer Approach

By exploring the Offer In Compromise option, Krus Tax Law clients can potentially reduce their tax debt, stop collection actions by the IRS, and achieve a fresh start in their financial obligations. This program offers a path toward financial freedom and peace of mind for our clients facing tax challenges. Let a CPA tax attorney help reduce the overwhelming financial burden of debt and help determine if this approach is right for you!

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If you are struggling with tax issues, Krus Tax Law is here to assist you every step of the way. Let a certified public accountant and tax attorney in Orlando help explore how an Offer In Compromise can help you achieve financial stability and peace of mind. Don't let tax issues weigh you down — contact us now!

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